How To Scale Your Shopify Store

Creating a Shopify store can be the dream for so many of you out there, but you might be hesitant of starting the same. The real challenge lies in scaling the store that one builds with so much love and hard work because there may be competitors in the same space. If you have a great product line and a product market fit, then here are some tips to bring traffic to your store and scale it exponentially.

For most of the stores out there, that also have a product market fit, the major reason for them to fail is that they don’t know the strategies that actually pay off in scaling a business.

The first tip here is to understand why an already built store fails even after getting enough traffic. If you are someone who figures this out well then, your chances to succeed increase. Here are some reasons why a store fails.

Reasons why you have traffic but are not able to generate sales

There might be some Shopify stores that are doing well in terms of attracting traffic, but they aren’t able to generate sales. There may be several issues that your visitors might be facing with your Shopify store and that can be the reason why they didn’t turn into your customers.

Below can be some of the reasons why the visitors aren’t shopping from your store.

  1. Not mobile friendly: These days people are shopping from mobile phones more and for this reason, it is highly important to make your Shopify store mobile friendly. You need to include every feature that is relevant and makes your store mobile-friendly. Search for the best Shopify development services on the internet and get your store designed mobile-friendly by professionals.
  2. Not-so-good navigation: If you want to make the experience of your store effortless and smooth then your navigation must be on-point.
  3. To-the-point product description: The description of your product must be on point and shouldn’t be misleading.
  4. Quality of the images: If you aren’t able to display your product very well, then it is one of the biggest mistakes that you are making. Keep the quality of the images to the optimum.
  5. Store design: There should be something unique about the design of your store, it shouldn’t be an ordinary-looking store.
  6. Figure out if you aren’t targeting the right audience.

Now you have all figured out that why you aren’t able to generate sales now is time to learn some tips and tricks to actually increase your sales.  

  1. Create a Great Shopify Store That Speaks for Itself

What makes a Shopify store great? The answer lies in the fact that how less cluttered, well-themed, and well-categorized your store is.  It highly depends upon your store vibe and looks as unique as your brand by customizing with the best page builder for Shopify. Work on something that none is working upon. Choose a theme that suits your store very well but also gives some cool, unique, and appealing vibe to your store. Don’t make your online store look too cluttered and overloaded. Categorize your products properly. Improve the loading time and also choose the right landing page. There are several tricks for reducing the loading time of any page e.g., compressing the images and avoiding unnecessary themes. Showcase your uniqueness and grab the attention.

2. Do your research and target the right audience

Do your research and target the right audience

Knowing “who your target audience is” is the most important thing to know for any business owner. All your efforts might go in vain if you aren’t aware of your target audience. ‍If you have figured that out very nicely then it’s almost sorted. Analyze your competitors in the same space and find out who the people are already using the product that you provide. Also, understand the demands of the market. Use tools like google analytics to understand the metrics better.

 The key trick here is that just understand “who isn’t your audience and who it is” and this single trick can do wonders for you. Revise the data regularly that you have gathered and keep collecting new data.

3. Try to gain new subscribers regularly to foster your future sales

Even if you have fair enough traffic on your Shopify store then also you need to focus on pulling some new visitors to your Shopify store. You won’t be able to convert all of the visitors to your store into your customers and that’s totally fine. And hence the visitors can’t be counted as sales.

Calculate the customer acquisition cost for your business and then focus on tricks to gain new customers. You can attract new customers by the way of content marketing and building business partnerships. Make your website capable of generating new leads for you. Focus on the benefits of business and fulfillment of the demands of the customer rather than those common tactics that an ordinary seller is using. There are plenty of companies that can help you with Shopify development services.

Now that you have the email addresses and contact numbers of the visitors, you can send promotional and sales messages and emails to your visitors.

4. Include a chat-now option to know your customers better

A chat now option is always a win-win situation for you as you get the opportunity to know your customers. A chat now option is necessary so that you do not ruin your customer’s experience and you can know the demands and suggestions that they can provide you to improve your brand. The pop-ups have a conversion rate of 3.1 % which can go up to 9.35 in some cases. The chat now option makes the user experience better and hence it makes your store grow.

5. Add some additional offers for your customers to make them feel special

Discounts, free products, and free shipping can provide you with some great value as they make the customer feel special. It is always a very delightful experience to get free gifts and save some extra pennies. This strategy can help you to a great extent in increasing customer retention.

6. Develop email marketing campaigns that convert

Create a strong e-mail marketing strategy that helps in improving conversion rates.  Create CTAs that are engaging and are capable of bringing you high conversion rates. Cold e-mailing can help to a great extent if done the right way and if sent to the right people. The leverage that email marketing can bring in is incredible and incomparable. Understand the target audience and use separate strategies for first-time users, browse abandonment users, and regular customers.

7. Strengthen your SEO game and get the traffic organically

With search engine optimization (SEO), gaining traffic organically is enhanced.  Playing the SEO game the right way isn’t a very easy task. Most of the time people don’t understand how SEO strategies are beneficial. The most important thing is to make your store SEO friendly. And that can be done by using SEO-friendly meta fields (title, description, URL). Then you need to use relevant and high search volume keywords. Work hard and get your homepage and other pages indexed. Once your pages get indexed you don’t have to stop there. The next step from here is to work for your store to get ranked higher so that whenever someone searches for the Shopify stores it’s your page that appears first. If your page ranks higher then, that means the chances of people visiting your store also increase. 

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