What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites are websites those can be opened in all type of devices according to their screen sizes. These different devices can be desktop, mobile, tablet etc.

In responsive web design GUI (Graphical User Interface) adjusts the content automatically according to different screen sizes.

Responsive Website Design

Benefits of responsive web design

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Accessible for all

Responsive websites are accessible for all type users who use different type of devices to open and search for. Many people use laptops, many use desktop and many people use mobile devices to access the websites online.

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Increase the online traffic

Responsive websites have big advantages to get more traffic because most of responsive websites are user-friendly websites. User friendly websites help to get more traffic.

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Responsive websites have faster pages

One of many advantages of responsive websites is they load very fast. Non responsive websites takes more time to load in a browser then responsive. Finally having responsive web design is beneficial.

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SEO Benefits

Responsive websites are very beneficial SEO point of view. Google Search Engine and other Search Engines gives more priority to responsive websites while showing in SERP.

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Low Bounce Rate

Responsive websites make the bounce rate low. Bounce rate low means visitors who land on the page, spend time on page to view the information. Low bounce rate help to increase the conversion rates.

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Easy maintenance

Responsive websites are easy to maintain then other version of mobile sites. Having separate versions for both desktop and mobile are not easy to maintain then having one version for all devices.

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